For all with ears to hear

The universal pathos of the Passion makes this subject available and accessible to all

Movements 38–40

This week, we are pleased to present movements 38–40 of the St. Matthew Passion, including the alto aria and lamentation, Erbarme dich (Have mercy, Lord). Artistic Director Scott Allen Jarrett's first live encounter with this music moved him to tears. Does it have the same effect on you? Listen in as he examines this "universal pathos in the St. Matthew Passion that makes its subject available and accessible to all with ears to hear it." Following his remarks, enjoy the audio and visuals from our performance at the 2019 Charlotte Bach Festival.


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On the Video

0.07 - Mini "Bach Experience"
St. Matthew Passion, Part 3

Scott Allen Jarrett

Movements 38–40

10.50 - #38a: Peter denies knowing Jesus

11.51 - #38b: Wahrlich, du bist auch einer von denen

12.01 - #38c: Peter denies Jesus a third time, fulfilling the prophecy

13.25 - #39: Erbarme dich

19.25 - #40: Bin ich gleich von dir gewichen;

Text & Translation

38a. Evangelist
Petrus aber saß draußen im Palast; und es trat zu ihm eine Magd und sprach:

Magd I
Und du warest auch mit dem Jesus aus Galiläa.

Er leugnete aber vor ihnen allen und sprach:

Ich weiß nicht, was du sagest.

Als er aber zur Tür hinausging, sahe ihn eine andere und sprach zu denen, die da waren:

Magd II
Dieser war auch mit dem Jesu von Nazareth.

Und er leugnete abermal und schwur dazu:

Ich kenne des Menschen nicht.

Und über eine kleine Weile traten hinzu, die da stunden, und sprachen zu Petro:

38a. Evangelist
Peter, however, sat outside of the palace; and a maid came up to him and said:

Maid I
And you were also with that Jesus of Galilee

He denied it however before them all and said:

I don't know what you are saying.

As he was going out of the door, however, another one saw him and said to those who were near:

Maid II
This one was also with that Jesus from Nazareth.

And he denied again, and swore to it:

I do not know the man.

And after a little while people standing around came up and said to Peter:

38b. Chor II
Wahrlich, du bist auch einer von denen; denn deine Sprache verrät dich.

38b. Chorus II
Truly you are also one of them; your speech gives you away.

38c. Evangelist
Da hub er an sich zu verfluchen und zu schwören:

Ich kenne des Menschen nicht.

Und alsbald krähete der Hahn. Da dachte Petrus an die Worte Jesu, da er zu ihm sagte: "Ehe der Hahn krähen wird, wirst du mich dreimal verleugnen." Und ging heraus und weinete bitterlich.

38c. Evangelist
Then he began to curse and swear:

I do not know the man.

And just then the cock crew. Then Peter remembered the words of Jesus, when he said to him: "before the cock crows, you will deny me three times." And he went out and wept bitterly.

39. Arie A (Chor I)
Erbarme dich, mein Gott,
Um meiner Zähren Willen!
Schaue hier, Herz und Auge
Weint vor dir bitterlich.
Erbarme dich, erbarme dich!

39. Aria A (Chorus I)
Have mercy, my God,
for the sake of my tears!
Look here, heart and eyes
weep bitterly before you.
Have mercy, have mercy!

40. Choral
Bin ich gleich von dir gewichen,
Stell ich mich doch wieder ein;
Hat uns doch dein Sohn verglichen
Durch sein Angst und Todespein.
Ich verleugne nicht die Schuld,
Aber deine Gnad und Huld
Ist viel größer als die Sünde,
Die ich stets bei mir befinde.

40. Chorale
Although I have been separated from you,
yet I return again;
even so your Son set the example for us
through his anguish and mortal pain.
I do not deny my guilt,
but your grace and mercy
is much greater than the sin
that I constantly discover in me.

Performed live at the Charlotte Bach Festival
Saturday, June 15, 2019
Myers Park Presbyterian Church, Charlotte, NC

BA|Charlotte Cantata Choir
North Carolina Baroque Orchestra
Charlotte Latin Choristers, directed by Emily Shusdock
Scott Allen Jarrett conducting

The stained glass in the video and at the top of this page is located in the sanctuary of Myers Park Presbyterian Church in Charlotte, NC, the site of the Akademie's 2019 Charlotte Bach Festival performance of the St. Matthew Passion.

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