Free Range Brewing

2320 N Davidson St.
Charlotte, NC




Thursday, June 13th - 8:30 pm


Free Range Brewing

Free Range Brewing is the labor of love from brothers, Jeff and Jason Alexander. Raised in Eastern North Carolina, they’re definitely cut from the same cloth, but with distinctly different personalities. The Free Range Brewing story is really just beginning and they welcome you to come be a part of it.

In such a disposable world, it’s easy to lose track of the past. We’ve done our best to hold onto some useful and valuable pieces of history that were just too special to throw away. From wood to steel, we’ve reclaimed and reimagined pieces and parts you can find all over the brewery.

We pride ourselves on creative beer, but we all need inspiration. That’s why you’ll aways find local art on display around the brewery. We want Free Range to be a connection point for our customers and the great talent that’s in our community.

We like to put a face to a name and find passion behind the producers and products. Our collaborations and partnerships with local farmers, chefs and businesses aren’t just to make better beer, but to build a better community.

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