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Arguably the world’s most famous musician, Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) produced over 1,100 pieces of music in his lifetime, a legacy that continues to inspire musicians and audiences around the globe. A “Bach Akademie” is a German term, and indeed a tradition, for a collection of musical events and other activities focused on the study of Bach and his influence in his time and ours.

Bach Akademie Charlotte is a professional 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to presenting historically informed performances and to providing educational opportunities about Bach’s music. We do this primarily through four initiatives:

Cantata Series

Charlotte Bach Festival

BA|Charlotte Cantata Choir

Vocal Fellows Program


Historically Informed Performance

A historically informed performance is about more than simply using period instruments and tuning. It is an opportunity to revisit the original inspiration for the music and to present it in an engaging, vital performance that honors the composer’s intent—as we can best understand it. In doing so, we capture the sights and sounds of another age and introduce them afresh to our modern world.

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