our mission

Dedicated to rigorous scholarship and performance that inspires,
Bach Akademie Charlotte advances the spirit of community through
the legacy of Johann Sebastian Bach’s transformational music.

our vision

Bach Akademie Charlotte envisions a world in which everyone
has access to the music of Johann Sebastian Bach.

our values

Artistry   |   Inspired…Collaborative…Imaginative…
We believe in the highest standards of musical performance, prioritizing rigorous scholarship and encouraging generous collaboration with our artistic community.

Education   |   Open…Inquisitive…Illuminating….
We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to experience the timeless insight into the shared human experience that Bach’s music offers — we are an Akademie for all.

Community   |   Partnership…Service…Reach…
We believe Bach’s music can be a vehicle for building bridges and establishing an inclusive community that honors and serves the cultural life of our region.

Stewardship   |   Diligent…Inventive…Personal…
We believe managing our resources and relationships with good will, creativity, and authenticity ensures a thriving future for Bach Akademie Charlotte.

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